July 8, 2021

Choose Your Marketing Channels

By 0nl1nedutty

The marketing channels you should consider break down into four main categories. To generate the best return on the revenue you spend, market where your buyer personas go.

Digital marketing: These channels include social media marketing, online content marketing, automated or manual email marketing, online advertising with pay-per-click ads or social media ads (paid media), and search engine optimization. Inbound marketing: Some inbound marketing channels overlap with digital marketing. There’s SEO, blogs, videos on YouTube and Vimeo, e-books, and other types of content marketing.

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Outbound marketing: Sometimes outbound marketing is difficult to track, so combining it with inbound marketing is helpful. The most traceable form of outbound marketing is email marketing. Other types of outbound marketing include TV and radio advertisements, direct mail, press releases, trade shows, and promo products.

Brand awareness campaigns: These channels can also overlap with the above and may include social media marketing and advertising, content marketing, public relations, and video marketing and advertising.
Now that you have a better idea of the channels you should consider as part of a marketing strategy, you can better determine your budget. There are costs associated with marketing on each of the above channels. Social media advertising tends to be the most cost-effective.